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Vodafone Rockout

Rock out in AR at Vodafone Portugal’s Summer Festivals

The Vodafone Paredes de Coura festival ends tomorrow.

The summer is here and that means lots of music festivals and sunshine (hopefully). Heading out to see the latest bands in a field doesn’t mean going low tech anymore, and some festivals are even embracing augmented reality (AR) as a novel way to add a little extra entertainment. Vodafone Portugal has teamed up with AR startup Ontop to create Vodafone ROCKOUT,  an AR app that can be used during the telecommunications company’s festivals.

Vodafone Rockout

First launched as part of Rock in Rio Lisbon in June, the app can currently be used during the Vodafone Paredes de Coura festival taking place this week.

Much like other AR videogames like Pokemon GO or The Walking Dead: Our World, Vodafone ROCKOUT encourages festival goers to explore the surroundings with their smartphones, find AR music figures, collect them and then win real prizes.

40 images have been spread around the festival and it’s up to the visitors to find them through their smartphone’s camera and then, spin with their fingers on the touchscreen to release 3D Music Figures into the real world. These QR code style images have been placed everywhere with players finding a piano appearing from the top of a tree or suddenly needing to chase a promoter who has an image marker on their T-Shirt to get a rare hornpipe.

“The game created by Ontop brought a new exciting experience to the public attending Vodafone´s festivals. The 3D figures were hidden in the most unexpected places and it was impressive to see how players used their imagination to get them,” said Francisco Viana, Innovation Product Manager from Vodafone Portugal in a statement.

Vodafone Rockout app

“It is a new type of activity where the visitors, instead of waiting hours in line to access an experience, are invited to join a fun treasure hunt and, at the same time, enjoy everything that the festivals have to offer,” adds Ontop CEO Nuno Folhadela.

The Vodafone Paredes de Coura festival ends tomorrow sop if you happen to be in attendance then download the Vodafone ROCKOUT for either iOS or Android devices. For the latest uses of AR apps, keep reading VRFocus.

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