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Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset image 1

Samsung Revealed to be Making a new Odyssey+ Headset

The company appears to be making only minor adjustments to the design.

When Microsoft and its technology partners launched their range of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets in late 2017, the last to be revealed was Samsung’s Odyssey device, topping the range not only in price but also specifications. Having previously secured its space in the virtual reality (VR) market thanks to Gear VR, it appears that Samsung is developing a new WMR headset according to FCC filings.

Samsung Odyssey+

Due to the fact that the FCC has to test products that emmit Wi-fi, radio, Bluetooth or other such transmissions, it’s quite common for new devices to be revealed via this testing process, which is exactly what’s happened with the new Samsung Odyssey+ headset.

Details revealed in the filing at present include a slight redesign of the internal aesthetics (as seen above), with a ‘Wider Eye Box and Wider Part of Nose listed, indicating Samsung is looking to make the Odyssey+ much more comfortable than its predecessor. The rest of the specifications appear pretty much unchanged from the first Odyssey, with the resolution still at 1440 x 1600 per eye and a 110-degree FOV.

A couple of new items do appear however, with the screen details still OLED but with SFS attached, without any clear details on what the acronym stands for. Additionally, Samsung has listed ‘Anti-Fog’ under the convenience category’ so perhaps a  special lens coating has been included – or just the wider nose opening – for those annoying occasions where the lenses mist up.

Samsung Odyssey+ specs

Aside from these specs few other details have been released. Along with the FCC filing Samsung submitted a Confidentiality Request to block certain details being released. These include external and internal photos, the user manual and test set-up photo. The request is for 180 days (6 months) which could mean Samsung probably doesn’t plan on releasing the new headset until 2019.

The original Samsung Odyssey was priced at $499 USD (including motion controllers) but can now be found for around $399. It was never officially released in Europe, where a new WMR headset by Acer will cost between £250-£300 GBP. As further details about the new Samsung Odyssey+ headset are revealed, VRFocus will let you know.

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