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Post Gamescom XR Review

Sci-Fi Horror The Persistence Will Be Playable At Gamescom XR Review Event

Firesprite will be presenting a playable version of the PlayStation VR title at the event.

For those who have not had the opportunity to jet out to events across the ocean fro the UK in the USA or Germany, there is still an opportunity to check out some new and upcoming immersive titles at the VRFocus Post-Gamescom XR Review event. One of the titles that will be playable in horror-roguelike The Persistence.

Developer Firesprite will be bringing its hybrid sci-fi-horror to the Gamescom XR review event for attendees to enjoy. The title combines the randomisation elements of a roguelike with sci-fi first-person shooter along with a hefty dose of sci-fi horror.

The Persistence

The Persistence is set on a spaceship which has drifted dangerously close to a black hole, causing many of the computerised system on board to go haywire. The spaceship The Persistence is a colony ship, holding the digitised patterns of hundreds of people, many of whom are revived by the damaged ship as horrific, distorted mutations.

Players take on the role of the only crewmember who hasn’t been corrupted by the disaster, who finds themselves with only the digitised voice of the ship’s chief engineer for company as they attempt to defeated the mutated colonists and take back control of the crippled ship.

Each deck of the ship is procedurally generated, in the best traditions of a roguelike. As a result, the player never knows what will be around the next corner, or what the best route to take will be. The next door you open might contain weapons or powerups that ensure your survival, or it could be a room full of mutant abominations.

Players can also use a special item which can extract DNA from the mutants, and then try their look at re-sequencing their own DNA to try and unlock new powers and upgrades, which allow them to proceed further.

The Persistence

The Gamescom XR review event will take place on 6th September, 2018. Those interested in applying for tickets can find more details on the Eventbrite page. For future coverage of Gamescom XR, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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