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Secrets of Torn Come to Retail Shelves

Perp Games teams with Aspyr Media to bring dark sci-fi mystery to store shelves as a physical release.

Though digital releases are convenient for many people, there is something satisfying about owning a physical copy of a videogame, particularly one that you particularly enjoy. Aspyr Media have teamed up with publisher Perp Games to offer a physical disk release of dark sci-fi mystery title Torn.

In Torn, players take the role of video-blogger Katherine Patterson, who is exploring the eerie, abandoned home of the scientist Dr Lawrence Talbot, who went missing many years ago. As you wander the hallways and discover the twisted secrets of the mansion, many strange things come to light.


The developers of the title have admitted that they have taken a great deal of inspiration from TV shows such as Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone when designing Torn, which is reflected in the creepy atmosphere and dark backstory.

Players will discover the history of the mansion, and Dr Talbot as they explore the dusty rooms, finding the various strange instrumentation and machinery as well as the depths of Dr Talbot’s obsessions as they discover that the good doctor is not quite as dead as everyone thought.

Speaking of the announcement for the physical release, Michael Blair, Director of Sales at Aspyr says: “We were inspired by the feeling of Black Mirror and the Twilight Zone, and wanted to create a truly dark and unexpected cinematic gaming experience in VR. Torn pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in VR, and we can’t wait for gamers to discover the secrets of the Mansion.”

Rob Edwards, MD of Perp Games waxed enthusiastic about Torn, remarking in particular about the mood of the title: “Dark; atmospheric; moody; mysterious. This is what VR gaming is all about. Fans of VR are in for a huge treat and we are extremely proud to be releasing Torn as a physical product.”


The digital version of Torn is due for release on 28th August, 2018. The physical version has not had its release date confirmed, but it still set to appear on store shelves some time in 2018. Further news on Torn and other upcoming titles will be here on VRFocus.

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