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Seeking Dawn

Seeking Dawn’s Latest Update Patch Looks to Add Further Finesse

Left-handed players are now catered for.

If VRFocus created a list of videogames that promised so much but didn’t quite hit the mark then Multiverse Entertainment’s  Seeking Dawn would definitely make the top five. It looked to be the summer blockbuster with beautiful visuals and an expansive game world, yet lacked the polish in key places. Since the July launch the studio has release a number of patches looking to improve things, the latest being one of the biggest.

Seeking Dawn header

The team have now released a long list of bug fixes, improvements and changes for Seeking Dawn, with some that probably should’ve been there from the start.

Features like a left-handed control scheme should really be basic additions nowadays, that has now been included. A nice touch is the addition of respawning next to collectible resources, mean less trudging around looking for a crucial part of the experience.

In VRFocus’ review Seeking Dawn achieved three-stars, because: “Seeking Dawn is the kind of title you have a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand when it works smoothly it’s a really fun and beautiful VR experience to play, with masses of content and hours and hours of gameplay. Unfortunately it’s not perfect, with plenty of repetition and glitches that need finessing. It might not be VR’s summer blockbuster but Seeking Dawn isn’t quite the dud either.”

Seeking Dawn

Check out the full list to see if Multiverse Entertainment has fixed any issues you may have had with Seeking Dawn. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

Full Seeking Dawn changelog:

Bug fixes:
Fixed an asset loading issue where non-romanized characters in a file path caused the game to get stuck on the main menu
Fixed a bug where you could activate the shield while climbing
Fixed a bug where you could damage yourself in multiplayer while shooting close to your hands
Fixed a bug where Oculus users would not hear anything in the Oculus headset
Fixed a bug where the player orientation after teleporting in blink mode would be different from the hologram model’s orientation
Fixed a bug where firing the shotgun while having the hand close to the head would open the quick mission interface because of recoil
Fixed a bug where a drop pod door would not close in multiplayer if someone left the game before entering it
Fixed a bug where Locilus corpses would still move after dying
Fixed several network issues
Fixed several other errors

Improvements and changes:
Added a backpack function to only drop a portion of an item stack
Added a left-hand control scheme
Added achievements on Oculus Store version
Added the room code inside of the settings menu
Added more information in the save slot interface
Added camera rotation controls to the joystick of the Windows MR controller
Added the option for Vive controllers to move while either touching or pressing the trackpad
Added respawning to collectible resources
Changed remote players’ damage checks to be local for more realistic combat
Changed the firing mechanism of the Spitting Cobra
Changed forest lighting to make it brighter
Optimized several sudden framerate drop issues
Optimized networking
Optimized rendering and particle effects
Optimized logic calculations
Optimized environments
Balanced enemy and weapons stats
Updated the localization

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