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SEIJA Announce PlayStation LineUp Tour

As part of the lead-up to the Tokyo Game Show, Sony will be showcasing new and upcoming PlayStation titles.

Though recently most of the attention has been directed towards Germany for Gamescom 2018, currently going on in Cologne, over in Japan there is still much going on as the country’s game industry gears up for the Tokyo Game Show. Part of the lead up to that event has just been announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia have announced that it will be hosting the ‘PlayStation LineUp Tour’, which will be an hour-long event where videos of the latest and upcoming PlayStation releases will be showcased.

PlayStation Logo

The event is described as: “Set in a vast universe that represents the world of PlayStation” that invites viewers to “participate as members of a DualShock 4 spaceship’s crew and travel across various planets.”

Those who pay for PlayStation Plus membership as well as those who have a standard Sony Entertainment Network account can make an application for the event by visiting the Japanese PlayStation website. 155 applicants will be chosen to attend the event. For those not lucky enough to be chosen, a livestream will be available.

Sony usually hosts some sort of big event just before the Tokyo Game Show. Though the PlayStation LineUp Tour has not been specified as being linked to the Tokyo Game Show, Sony have been known to experiment with names and formats for their pre-event press conference.

It is still to be confirmed what titles will be part of the showcased line-up, so it is currently unknown if any PlayStation VR titles will be on display. Considering recent news about the sales milestone for the PlayStation VR, and some of the big upcoming titles due out for the platform, it would be considered unusual if Sony were to neglect VR in its presentation.

PlayStation VR

For further news on The PlayStation LineUp Tour or the Tokyo Game Show, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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