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Shadow Blood VR

Shadow Blood VR Available Now On Steam

Become a Blood Knight and defend the continent of Nar from evil in this immerse fantasy adventure.

Developer UTPlus Interactive Inc have released their latest game title which gives players the chance to immerse themselves into a first-person action title that is based on fantasy adventures, Shadow Blood VR. The virtual reality (VR) title will see you defending the continent of Nar by defeating Akand, the corrupted malevolent dragon, and their many monsters as a Blood Knight.

Shadow Blood VR

Akand was created to be the guardian of the Nar continent but became corrupted when summoned by the great demon Belzav. To help the players – playing the part of the Blood Knight – a character created by the good part of Akand named Lucia will provide support. It falls down to the player and Lucia to put a stop to the dragon and the numerous monsters that would see the land of Nar destroyed.

Thanks to the immersive power of VR and the head-tracking technology of the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and the detailed tracking of the HTC Vive motion controllers, ensure that the player’s actions are translated into the videogame on a one-to-one scale. As players move around the environment to slain the many monsters around them, they will need to use their skill and reflexes to ensure they come out on top and survive the seemingly endless conflict.

Shadow Blood VR

Each of the stages included in Shadow Blood VR feature various waves of monsters that need to be cleared in order to progress. Not only that but weapons and skills and be linked together to earn combos that allow for powerful attacks and shocking critical strikes which wipe monsters from the world. As players progress there will be higher rank challenges that really test their skills and in the end it will be raw skill that ensures victory.

Not only that, but Shadow Blood VR is packed full of highly detailed 3D models and environments that bring the world of Nar to life. Players will feel completely immersed within the fantasy location and will rise to become the best Blood Knight in the kingdom.

Shadow Blood VR is available now on Steam for the HTC Vive for $8.00 (USD). For more on the Shadow Blood VR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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