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Gun Club VR

Shooting Sim Gun Club VR Leaves Early Access

There’s a limited time discount on Steam.

Over the course of 2015 through to early 2017 it seemed that every other virtual reality (VR) title was some sort of first-person shooter (FPS) – especially of the ‘wave’ variety – as the technology naturally fitted that genre. Nowadays there’s a much better mixture of experiences coming out for VR headsets, but for those still keen on a good shooter, The Binary Mill has just brought Gun Club VR out of Steam Early Access

Gun Club VR

Gun Club VR doesn’t mince its words, its not trying to be anything other than a realistic FPS set in a gun range, with a variety of scenarios to test your VR shooting skills as well as a nice selection of real-world weapons.

The Binary Mill first entered the VR scene with Gun Club 3 VR for Gear VR in 2016 before releasing Gun Club VR almost a year ago. With the full 1.0 version now available players have access to new content, features general fixes. On the weapon side the studio has included the P350 Pistol, UMP45 SMG, Mk18 Assault Rifle, DSR-1 Sniper Rifle, and a M203 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher. An additional Hardcore Mode removes target health indicators and the laser beam, but rewards players with extra cash bonuses (good for buying new guns and attachments).

Gun Club VR features a huge range of real-world guns, from pistols and SMGs to shotguns, assault rifles and grenade launchers. These can all be customised in various ways, with stocks and scopes, extended mags and laser sights just a few of the modifications available. That realism extends to the gun control itself, so you’ll need to flick off the safety, select burst or full auto, extend the stock or rack the slide to clear a round.

Gun Club VR

The Binary Mill has included a bunch of ranges to test out, from hostage rescue to a zombie apocalypse – as well as a more traditional target range. There’s even a World War II inspired Allied range for a more historic scenario.

Gun Club VR supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It’s currently on offer with a 25 percent discount available until 3rd September. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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