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SIGGRAPH 2018 Spotlights the Women in Computer Graphics and VR

There will be plenty of talks and demos taking place.

SIGGRAPH 2018 has begun this week in Vancouver, Canada, an interdisciplinary educational event showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques by companies and professionals from around the world. Promoting the growing diversity in the industry the organisers have highlighted the numerous women who will play a significant role during this year’s conference.


The event will showcase some of the very latest virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects, whether that’s videogames in the Immersive Pavilion or animation to inspire the next generation of content developers. Many have been created by a diverse array of developers with women having a bigger impact than ever before.

“In this day and age, as the voices of women continue to be elevated to new heights and their contributions to all forms of business, art, technology, and beyond are more important than ever, we are beyond thrilled to be able to add to that conversation and shine a light on the amazing work that women do for our industry,” said SIGGRAPH 2018 Conference Chair Roy C. Anthony in a statement. “Among our presenter ranks are women who play a huge role in their respective fields and deserve every ounce of praise they receive.”

Those who will showcasing work or participating in talks at SIGGRAPH 2018 include:

  • Sarah Eagle Heart, CEO, Native Americans in Philanthropy (voice of “Luna” in the Immersive Pavilion’s “Crow: The Legend” and panelist, ‘Crow: The Legend’ – Bringing a Native American Legend into VR” Production Session)
  • Corinne Scrivens, Principle Artist, Polyarc, creators of Moss in the Immersive Pavilion)
  • Niniane Wang, Senior Director, Engineering, Niantic, Inc. (creator, “Multiplayer Augmented Reality: the Future is Social, presented by Niantic” in the Immersive Pavilion – Village and presenter, “Games in Multiple Realities” Experience Presentation)
  • Diana Hu, Lead, Augmented Reality Engineering, Niantic, Inc. (creator, “Multiplayer Augmented Reality: the Future is Social, presented by Niantic” in the Immersive Pavilion – Village and presenter, “Games in Multiple Realities”  Experience Presentation)
  • Illya Szilak, independent scholar, writer, and new media artist (creator, Queerskins: A Love Story in the Immersive Pavilion – Village and presenter, “Stories in Virtual Reality – Part 2” Experience Presentation)

Queerskins: A Love Story

There are many more women speaking and participating in the SIGGRAPH conference over the course of the next few days if you happen to be in attendance. Additionally, the Women in Animation (WIA) Vancouver chapter recently presented a Women in Animation Vancouver Summit, in partnership with Spark CG Society and supported by Emily Carr University of Art & Design

“We are excited to present the Women in Animation Vancouver Summit in conjunction with SIGGRAPH 2018. Organizations like WIA and SIGGRAPH bring together our deeply interconnected industries — from animation to games, VR/AR, and VFX — to look at what the inspiring possibilities are for the future. We know that by embracing diversity and inclusion, progress and innovation accelerates. These are core beliefs that WIA drives globally, and we know SIGGRAPH shares and supports these beliefs,” said Molly Mason-Boulé, Women in Animation (WIA) Chair of Interactive and of WIA Vancouver.

SIGGRAPH 2018 runs until 16th August, for the latest updates from the conference keep reading VRFocus.

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