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Something For The Weekend: Final August Weekend SteamVR Deals

See out the month of August with discounts on a range of different virtual reality titles.

Time for another entry of Something for the Weekend, the weekly series where VRFocus bring you a number of deals on virtual reality (VR) titles. As the final weekend of August comes around it is time for us to return to the Steam store to have a look at what exciting titles are on sale this weekend.

Maybe you are looking to enter the arena and fight champions or defend a town with a bow and arrow. Then again, playing with a kitten or putting your bartender skills to the test might also be a good choice. Well, whatever you may be looking for this weekend we’ve got you covered with a number of helpful suggestions below. As always, be sure to check back every weekend for even more deals right here on VRFocus.

Elven Assassin image 1

Elven Assassin

Time to pick up a bow and take on hordes of orcs in order to defend a town. Stand along or with friends in solo or co-op mode to save the day and be the best elven assassin around. Get use to the bow and land spectacular shots from long distance as you hold off against the orcs assault. They will be coming at you thick and fast so you’ll need to not only be a skilled shot but also be quick on your feet to avoid any incoming attacks. If you think you and you’re friends have the power to hold the line then stand fast and aim true.

Elven Assassin is available now for £8.54 (GBP) down from the usual £11.39.

Island 359

Island 359

“It’s been a long wait but it was worth it. Island 359 offers a proper showcase of what can be built specifically for VR when enough time and effort is put in. It’s not 100 percent perfect in places but the videogame offers enough of everything that you won’t really care. Grab that gun and get hunting in this thoroughly enjoyable and engaging VR shooter.” – Read VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham’s review of Island 359.

Island 359 is available now for only £10.72 (GBP) down from £19.49.

Konrad the Kitten screenshot

Konrad the Kitten

Immersive yourself in the virtual world of Konrad the Kitten as you play with the first virtual cat and feels like the real thing. Check on him daily and care for this kitten as though he were real by using a range of virtual toys and playing in several mini-games full of action. With over 50 accessories to unlock to dress your kitten up in and lots of fun to be hard, this title will offer plenty of furry fun.

Konrad the Kitten is available now for £5.69 (GBP) down from £11.39.


As a zombie crisis breaks out around the world players will become a member of the S.E.A.T team and go up against the endless hordes. This fast paced VR shooter will put players aiming skills and reflexes to the test as they fight alone or as a team against hordes of enemies and in exciting boss battles. Time to grab some guns and fight back.

ZomDay is available now for £5.79 (GBP) down from £6.99.

Robinson The Journey screenshot 2

Robinson: The Journey

“When the Esmeralda crashes on Tyson III, Robin is left stranded. He must rely on his wits – and HIGS, an AI unit from the ship – to survive. As he searches for the lost crew and comes face-to-face with dinosaurs, Robin discovers that Tyson III is not the paradise once promised.”

Robinson: The Journey is available now for £6.24 (GBP) down from £24.99.

First Person Tennis

First Person Tennis

Experience the most realistic tennis simulator going and come face-to-face with professional tennis players in an immersive experience. Put all your technical and tactical skills to the test in this true to life VR tennis title. With seven different types of courts, 13 tournaments to play through, a training mode and a full ranking plus much more, players won’t find a more detailed and feature rich experience.

First Person Tennis is available now for £14.62 (GBP) down from £19.49.

A-Tech Cybernetic VR

A-Tech Cybernetic VR

“A-Tech Cybernetic is a first-person shooter built from the ground up for VR. It features two separate game modes: a classic swarm mode to put your shooting and survival skills to the test and a story mode that takes you to a futuristic biomedical company overrun by mutants. Control everything with real-life movements, interact with your surroundings as if they were actually there, experience a new kind of gameplay that’s more immersive than ever before, thanks to VR. Be the badass guy you always wanted to be.”

A-Tech Cybernetic VR is on sale now for £14.99 (GBP) down from £19.99.

Bartender VR Simulator

Bartender VR Simulator

Ever wanted to work behind the bar? Well, in this immersive VR title you can do just that. Developed in cooperation with a six-time Bartending World Champion, Tomek Malek, Bartender VR Simulator gives plays a chance to learn all the ticks to become a master bartender. Feel like you have learned enough in the virtual world? Then take what you have learned and try it out for real.

Bartender VR Simulator is available now for £10.49 (GBP) down from £14.99.

GORN Screenshot 3


Enter the arena of this ludicrously violent gladiator simulator and fight through countless enemies to become the greatest champion there ever was. With the new Crab update having recently released as well, there has never been a better time to jump into the battle and becoming a legendary gladiator.

GORN is on sale now for £11.24 (GBP) down from the usual £14.99.

Hand Simulator

Hand Simulator

“Hand Simulator is a game in which you control your own hands. There are many different levels where you can play with spinners, plunge into the subtleties of handling weapons, milk a cow, take part in a Mexican duel with your friends, have a good time fishing, play chess or simply chat in an anonymous club. Hand Simulator is a game where everyone finds entertainment for their tastes.”

Hand Simulator is available now for £1.11 (GBP) down from £1.59.

That is all for this week but remember that VRFocus gathers all the best sales and deals every week, so check back next weekend at the same time to discover more.

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