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Smashing The Battle VR

Something For The Weekend: Welcome August With SteamVR Discounts

With the month of August here, we take a look at some of the best SteamVR deals currently available.

It’s time for another entry of Something for the Weekend, the weekly series where VRFocus bring you a number of deals on virtual reality (VR) titles. This time we return to the Steam store to hunt down some of the best deals on immersive videogames that are sure to offer countless hours of fun. Want to drive a tank? Maybe use a sword? Or just make friends with young lady. There is a title for everyone. As always, be sure to check back every weekend for even more deals right here on VRFocus.

Voxel Tank VR

Voxel Tank VR

Every wanted to know what it would be like if you combined tanks with anime girls in VR? Well, in this title you get just that. Get ready to jump into the driving sea of a tank and do battle against large numbers of enemies and bosses in this intense title. Featuring accessible controls, a number of gamemodes and levels, plenty of cute girls and hours of fun. Voxel Tank VR is a title that is sure to keep players entertained for some time and that is before unlocking all the different outfits.

Voxel Tank VR is available now for £1.99 (GBP) down from the usual £3.99.

Tabletop Simulator

If tabletop gaming is your poison then this is the title you for. Create your own original games, import custom assets, automate games with scripting, set up giant role-playing adventures and so much more. With VR allowing you and friends to come together and play some tabletop games, Tabletop Simulator removes the need for everyone to meet in one room and leverages the internet and VR to create the same real-life experience. With workshop support meaning there are hundreds of games to be downloaded and played, Tabletop Simulator is a gateway to some brilliant content.

Tabletop Simulator is currently available for £7.49 (GBP) down from £14.99.

Killing Floor: Incursion screenshot

Killing Floor: Incursion

“So is Killing Floor: Incursion still worth getting? Damn right it is. The videogame does have its faults but they aren’t gameplay breaking. Killing Floor: Incursion’s single-player campaign is a glorious action romp that’s easy to play through in one sitting. One thing not mentioned so far is the fact that there’s a co-op option, and as every gamer should know, bringing a mate along to cover each others back only increases the fun factor.” – Read VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham’s review of Killing Floor: Incursion.

Killing Floor: Incursion is available now on for £6.66 (GBP) down from £19.99.

Voxel Shot VR image 2

Voxel Shot VR

“Shoot Voxel zombies in VR! Utilize an arsenal of weapons to eliminate the approaching brain-hungry zombies. Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance! Resilient zombies, helicopters and huge bosses are closing in to seal your doom. Can you survive the Voxzombocalypse?”

Voxel Shot VR is only £6.49 (GBP) down from £9.99.

Smashing The Battle

Smashing The Battle VR

“So while Smashing the Battle isn’t necessarily a showcase for VR, it highlights that not every videogame needs to be from a first-person viewpoint. It’s got loads going for it – great action, varied gameplay mechanics to stop it being mundane and a deep progression system – avoiding becoming boring too soon. If there’s an alternative to the big name launch titles you should consider, it’s Smashing the Battle.” – Read VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham’s review of Smashing The Battle VR.

Smashing The Battle VR is available now for £6.39 (GBP) on sale from the usual £7.99.


“Explore the past as you resolve the present in Anamorphine, a surreal adventure of rendered emotions.Tyler, a young man in post-traumatic denial, revisits a succession of milestones that define his relationship with his wife Elena, who falls victim to an accident that robs her of her livelihood and emotional outlet. Tyler’s mental turmoil warps his past as he struggles to come to terms with his guilt and inability to help Elena when she quietly slips into depression.”

Anamorphine is available now for £13.94 (GBP) down from £15.49.

Rise of Insanity screenshot3

Rise of Insanity

“Looking great in some scenes and rather basic in others, Rise of Insanity is still a solidly put together experience. The storyline, sound effects and voice acting are all of a decent quality, but the English translation on some of the in-game literature needs some work. Difficulty is virtually none existent so it’s a breeze to play through in around two hours. If you’re looking for a short, digestible horror then Rise of Insanity is a sound bet, just watch out for those rubber ducks.” – Read VRFocus’ Senior Staff Wrtier Peter Graham’s review of Rise of Insanity.

Rise of Insanity is currently £4.67 (GBP) down from £7.19.

Together VR

Together VR

In this VR title players are able to experience everyday life with Hoshihara Mei in their own private den. There are a number of different things players can do ranging from interacting with their new friend, including playing mini-games with her, enjoy couple-like interaction and even turn into digital warriors and engage in intense space battles. If you are looking for a title that offers a truly immersive experience, allowing you to escape the real-world, then this might be the one for you.

Together VR is currently on sale for £7.20 (GBP) down from £10.29.

Preta: Vendetta Rising screenshot

Preta: Vendetta Rising

“Enter the world of Akirion, a once peaceful land on the brink of extinction by a deadly epidemic that transforms the living into flesh-craving beasts called Pretas. Survivors are now organizing into militias to defend their home, but due to the lack of capable warriors, Akirots are desperately hiring mercenaries, someone like you. Explore the forsaken continents, collect materials, craft powerful weapons and defeat blood-thirsty pretas in order to save Akirion and reveal the dark truths of the plague’s origin. Inspired by video games such as Dark Souls, Diablo, and Monster Hunters, Preta: Vendetta Rising is designed to be a challenging hack-and-slash action game featuring various multiplayer gameplay!”

Preta: Vendetta Rising is currently available for £12.39 (GBP) down from £15.49.

Samurai Sword VR Screenshot 01

Samurai Sword VR

Why not pick up a samurai sword and cut your way through a number of different enemies and to complete challenges with? In Samurai Sword VR you can do just that. With a number of different gameplay elements to keep things fresh, including setting your sword on fire, this title is sure to give players plenty of enjoyment. Not only that, but there is a cute Samurai girl in this title as well, so what more could you want?

Samurai Sword VR is available for only £3.49 (GBP) right now on sale from £6.99.

That is all for this week but remember that VRFocus gathers all the best sales and deals every week, so check back next weekend at the same time to discover more.

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