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Selfie inside Somnium Space

Somnium Space Are Bringing Human Avatars To Life In VR Thanks To Sony Mobile And 3D Scanning Technology

Players will be able to easily scan a 4K version of themselves for use in Somnium Space in minutes.

Somnium Space has announced a new mobile avatar scanning technology designed for virtual reality (VR) that allows users to scan, save, view and edit high quality scans of their face and upper body in stunning 4K. The scans can then be used directly in Somnium Space’s VR world within a few minutes, making it a fast and easy way to create a detailed avatar for use in VR.

Somnium Space avatar editor screen

Based on Sony Mobile’s 3D Creator App, the process of allowing people to scan and put themselves into the virtual world is believed to be an important and fundamental aspect of the future of VR interactions, the company believes. Somnium Space hopes that by making this technology available to users it will dynamically change up the way of users and other companies view character creation for VR experiences.

“Democratizing self-expression process via avatar embodiments is a fundamental basis for Virtual Reality in order to become a true metaverse of the future.” said Artur Sychov, founder of Somnium Space. “When VR users can change their look based on their current mood and need rather than on technological availability it will be a moment which will truly accelerate the growth of the VR industry as a whole”

Avatar scanning process

The current avatar creation process is rather length and complicated and requires deep knowledge of 3D modelling software and other advanced tools in order to create a highly detailed avatar. If players want to be scanned in it becomes an even more expensive and complex process as currently they are required to travel to real world locations to be scanned by special multi-camera equipment setups.

This of course takes a considerable amount of time and money with little possibility to change the results afterwards. With this new scanning technology the need to travel to such locations will no longer be required and the process will be a more affordable and cost effective way to scan a user into the virtual world. The company also has plans to enhance the technology and allow everyone to scan any object for future use or sale possibility inside the Somnium Space store in the due time as well.

Avatar scanning process

“At Sony Mobile we believe in advanced but accessible technologies. Our company creates amazing devices and software accompanying people throughout their lives allowing them to perform various complex tasks” said Andreas Olofsson, Senior Experience Planner at Sony Mobile. “We are thrilled to see how those technologies become interconnected and bring instant and true value to our customers and Virtual Reality players around the globe.”

The 3D avatar scanning technology is coming to Somnium Space in the near future with users currently able to sign up and play the open beta of the title now. The company are currently also running a SeedingVR campaign as well which you can find here.

For more information on Somnium Space make sure to head over to their website and for all the latest on all things VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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