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Spatial Games

Spatial’s Holographic Tabletop Gaming Kickstarter Goes Live

The funding campaign aims to raise $25,000 in the next four weeks.

Whenever VRFocus talks about augmented reality (AR) it tends to involve smartphones, while any mention of mixed reality (MR) usually involves an expensive headset like HoloLens for example. Exploring a different approach to both these usual paradigms Spatial Games has now begun its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its holographic gaming device designed purely for some old fashioned tabletop gameplay. 

Spatial Games

Going by the name Spatial MRX, the portable device converts a users phone or tablet into a holographic, AR gaming machine with a built-in camera that they don’t need to hold. Almost like a souped up version of table top classic Battleship, the multiplayer gaming rig transforms any tabletop into a MR gaming experience, with projected holographic characters that can be controlled in real-time.

Building Spatial MRX is one thing but the system also needs content to make it viable. Luckily Spatial Games has teamed up with several studios to create a range of content, with ten on board so far. All the AR videogames have been designed exclusively for the system, with regular gamers recognising some of the influences. Confirmed so far is card battler Mythico, where you play your cards and watch holographic characters come to life and deploy the strategies you lay out.

Then there’s HoloCraft. Great for fans of tabletop role-playing games (RPGs), HoloCraft allows you to create a dungeon with 20,000+ prefabricated 3D components and then take customisable characters through your world. Or how about WarTable,  a mixed reality real-time strategy (RTS) title with players having to build their armies to take into battle.

Spatial Games

With the campaign stating today, Spatial Games is looking to raise $25,000 USD over the course of the next month, with just over $4,000 already achieved (at time of writing). Funding tiers start from $60, which will get you one Spatial MRX plus unlimited game activation codes forever. Of course playing with a mate is much better so you can always order two units for $110, saving a little cash in the process.

Currently, the estimated delivery date for Spatial MRX is March 2019. So VRFocus will continue to follow the latest campaign developments and keep you posted.

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