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Steve-O Returns With a New VR Show Coming to YouTube

Jackass star Steve-O is coming to VR with a new show called Headset Hotshots.

For those who miss the wild stunts and general absurdity of ‘Jackass’, then this announcement is sure to bring you a great deal of joy. Jackass star Steve-O is bringing the crazy into a virtual reality (VR) with a new show called Headset Hotshots that will be heading to YouTube.

Headset Hotshots is described as combining VR demonstrations with home videos and ‘mindless stunts’ similar to what made Steve-O famous. Viewers will be able to watch the show in VR, or as a 360-degree video on a desktop PC or smartphone.

The show is being made by VR producer and filmmaker Sam Macaroni and his production company Thundership. He persuaded his long-time friend Steve-O to join him on the venture and to host two of the initial four episodes.

Each episode will last four minutes, and new episodes will be published weekly on YouTube. The episodes will features home videos of ‘VR fails’ featuring things like a VR user stumbling into their TV, or being so scared by an immersive VR experience that they literally fall off their seat. Steve-O then makes an attempt to re-enact the fails whilst wearing a VR headset.

“Nothing shows the power of VR than trying it for the first time and falling out of the chair,” Macaroni told Variety, adding that he was encouraging for viewers to send in videos of their own VR fails. “We’d love more clips, and I know they are out there,” he said.

There is a more serious aim to the hi-jinks, however, as Macaroni is also trying to showcase what VR can do, and what VR apps and videogames are worth trying, highlighting an episode where Steve-O is playing Mindshow.

Steve-O commented that he hadn’t played much VR before starring in the show, but said he wouldn’t mind attracting new audiences to VR: “If I can help make that happen, I’d love that too.”

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