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Stormland VR Playable Demos will be At PAX West

A pop-up Oculus booth will be at PAX West offering members of the public chance to try out the upcoming VR title.

Developer Insomnia Games revealed its next virtual reality (VR) project, Stormland VR, earlier this year at E3. Since then, a steady drip-feed of information has been released by the development team about what players can expect from the upcoming Oculus Rift exclusive. Visitors at the PAX West convention will get a chance to find out for themselves, however, as a playable build of Stormland VR will be on site.

The playable demonstrations will be available at PAX West in Seattle, where an Oculus pop-up stand will be set-up on 31st August, 2018 to let attendees and members of the public try out the playable build.

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Insomnia Games and Oculus Studios have confirmed on Reddit that the demos are available to members of the public and not just PAX West ticket holders. Some limited-edition merchandise will also be available to those who manage to be there and play the demo.

Stormland VR is being created as a collaboration between Oculus Studios and Insomnia Games, the latter is best known amongst VR fans for creating the extremely popular title The Unspoken.

The story of Stormland VR involves the player taking control of an android gardener who is suddenly swept up in violence with the arrival of a mysterious and destructive alien entity known as The Tempest and is forced to make a dangerous ascent through the many layers of clouds into the ethereal place known as the Stormland.

Some of the development team behind Stormland VR have described how big it is, with the vast cloudscape and hanging islands. Players will be met with changing conditions as much of the content in Stormland VR is said to be dynamic, with a procedural system that will change the environment so players will be always be able to find new challenges.

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Further information about the Stormland VR demo event as PAX West can be found on the Facebook event page. Future coverage of Stormland VR and other upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.

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