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Takis Teams Up With OmniVirt To Deliver Immersive 3D And 360 Degree Adverts

Companies targets young customers with immersive and interactive adverting campaign.

The confectionery and snack food company Takis have announced that they have launched a 3D and 360 degree advertising campaign in partnership with the 360 degree, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platform, OmniVirt.


The advertising campaign has been designed to reach a younger customer base by leveraging the increasing popularity of online content, but also as to stand out among the ever growing clutter that is online adverting. Much like their bright-coloured bags of confectionery and snacks that jump off the supermarket shelf’s the company wanted their advertising campaign to do just the same.

In order to do this, Takis leveraged OmniVirt’s proprietary technology to build and distribute three immersive advert experiences across targeted websites including a 3D display advert, an interactive videogame, and a 360 degree dance battle as well. OmniVirt’s platform allows users a means to distribute immersive media advertising experience across a number of premium publishers networks and makes for an ideal partner for this venture.


The 3D display advert sees users use their phone or click and drag on computer to play with a 3D models of an iconic bag of Takis chips. In the 360 degree dance battle, users will watch the Takis flavors come to life as a number of high school dancers battle it out through a number of different dances. Finally, the interactive experience challenges users to search through the video to hunt down hidden Takis chip bags within a timeline.

Each of the experiences centers around the high-energy brand tagline of “Are You Takis Enough?” and feature bags of Takis chips and high schoolers representing each chip flavor through different dance styles. With an aim of engaging younger customers, reports from the company state that the preliminary results of the campaign show that the advert strongly outperformed expected targets. In particular, it is reported that the 3D advert boasts a 7.7% engagement rate which is sure to lead to an increase in sales of Takis bags as well.

As Takis continue to embrace immersive media and work more with OmniVirt in the future, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest so make sure to keep reading to stay up to date.

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