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The Crab Champion Comes To GORN In New Update

Its time to do battle with a real champion.

Ludicrously violent virtual reality (VR) gladiator simulator title GORN has announced a new update that brings a whole new level of crustacean released combat to the arena. Alongside the new crab related features in the update a rather unique trailer that includes a ‘Diss Track’ has been released and the title is coming to the Oculus store.

GORN Crab Update

The new crab update brings a new champion to the arena in the foam of The Crustacean Crusader known as ‘The Shellbeast’ which is more commonly known as the one and only, crab. Alongside the inclusion of a new champion, players will be able to use the new crab claw caestus to defeat their enemies in the style of the mighty crab. Reach out and grab enemies with crushing power unseen in the title to date and then bring a swift end to them as you close your grip.

Like other champions in the arena, the Crab will put up a tough fight but can easily be defeated if you aim your attacks and remove each of its limbs in order to claim victory. With its bone crushing power and thick armor, this new champion will put up a real challenge but should you overcome it the glory will be massive.

GORN Crab Update

On top of that, players will now find that enemies have the option to wear heavy armor which can make fights a lot interesting. A revamped arena also comes in this new update allowing for some changes to the gameplay and the usual assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements will see the title running better than ever. Of course, the ludicrously violent gameplay of GORN is already providing plenty of laughs for players already so the new crab update takes it to a whole new level.

In honor of the update, the development team at Free Lives have release a new trailer which you can enjoy below, featuring the beloved ROKIBE diss track, ‘KIROIM ES BEKI’ from recording artist BE KIROOD.

Earlier this year GORN got a big update that brought numerous new features and improvements to the title and with the new Crab update, players will have even more hours of entertainment to enjoy. Available now on Steam and the Oculus store, the title also has a 25% discount at the minute to celebrate the launch of the new update making it a perfect time to jump into the arena.

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