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The Darkness Isn’t Blinding in This Gameplay Video

VRFocus tests out Tiny Bull Studios’ upcoming VR puzzle title.

Last week VRFocus previewed Tiny Bull Studios’ upcoming puzzle experience Blindremoving a players normal visual cues and replacing them with echolocation waves. While relatively easy to explain, as with anything to do with virtual reality (VR) a little video can go along way in explaining things. So for your enjoyment check out this short gameplay video showcasing plenty more of the experience.

Blind Screenshot 3

From the screenshots and gifs already published Blind looks like a fairly surreal, puzzle experience – similar in ways to FORMbut they also hide a darkness that only a gameplay video can do justice to because of the main sound mechanic.

You play a character who gets involved in a car crash, only to awaken in a strange mansion and finding themselves completely blind – well not totally. With some creepy dudes voice telling you that the only way out is to solve the various puzzles located around the spatial household, you soon discover that you have some awesome hearing abilities – much like Daredevil – that lets you see the world around you.

This design isn’t anything new, with horror title Stifled using it to good effect – except in Blind there are no horrifying creatures lurking in the darkness – where you can make a sound with almost anything to help uncover what’s around you. This is used to great atmospheric effect in certain places, where the rain taps against the outside windows faintly highlighting them.

Blind Screenshot 4

Whilst throwing stuff around is always good fun it can be easy to lose items in the blinking darkness, so luckily Tiny Bull Studio equips the player with a cane with which to tap the floor, walls or anything else to make a sound. The cane can’t be thrown or lost which makes it invaluable in your quest for freedom.

The video only showcases a small portion of Blind as Tiny Bull Studio is still working on the title, adding polish, fixing bugs and such. So you get to see the first proper puzzle area as well as the training section. Of course when Blind is finished VRFocus will arrange a proper review.

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