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The Forest Gets Performance Updates in New Patch

The VR version of survival horror The Forest gets performance improvements and bug fixes in new patch.

Earlier this year Endnight Games added virtual reality (VR) support to its survival horror title The Forest after four years of development. Though the title largely received positive feedback, the development team have been keen to keep improving the experience for players, and have now released a new update which contains a new of tweaks and fixes.

The version 1.09 updates concentrates on performance and bug fixing, though the development team are looking at releasing a larger content update further down the line.

In The Forest the player takes the role of a survivor of a deadly plane crash, who finds themselves in a strange forest, which turns out to be inhabited by a clan of cannibalistic mutants who will mainly look upon the player as ‘dinner’. Players need to explore the environment to gather resources and build a shelter to survive, all while defending against the hungry mutants.

The update introduces a number of improvements, including much quicker loading times for large save files. The number of stealth and lizard armour that players can carry has been upped to 10 each, and the notebook font has changed to something which works in most languages.

Specific to the VR version, players will now be able to switch hands for melee weapons, a change which makes this easier for left-handed players. The User Interface has been fixed and improved, and player names are now visible in multiplayer. Fishing with a spear is now possible, and a 2D crafting cog has been added that contains information on what items can be combined. Some animations have also been improved to make better use of VR.

The development team are keen to get more feedback from the community so that the title can continue to be improved, and encourage players to visit the discussions area of the community hub on Steam. The full change log for the update can also be found on Steam.

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