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The Last Day Defense VR Opens Gates of The Frozen City

Developers of tower defence title announce big new update featuring new maps, levels and visuals.

The Last Day Defense is a virtual reality (VR) tower-defence title which launched on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality earlier this year. The developers at ARVI LLC have been hard at work on polishing the title, and how now announced a big update, which will include some new content, titled the Frozen City Update.

The developers say that the team is in the process of testing the update ready for release soon, which will introduce a new map, along with a new game environment, updated units and more.

The Last Day Defense VR

In order to try out the new content for the Frozen City update, users will need to switch to the Experimental Branch. This can be done by opening Game Properties menu in the Steam Library and gong to the Betas tab and selecting ‘Experimental’ from the drop down menu and clicking OK. As this is an experimental update, users may experience more bugs and glitches than usual.

The full list of new content included in the update is as follows:

  • A completely new game environment. The ship E.T.S. “Amadeus” is ready to take its commander on board.
  • A projection global map. Users will be able to see their progress, and the levels open one after another.
  • Updated units and towers. Improved rendering mechanism, which allows to display their damage in detail and even overheating from fire and laser weapons
  • Improved combustion mechanics. Each unit and tower have their critical temperature, and when it is exceeded, the damage caused by fire and laser weapons is significantly increased. When calculating overheating, even the temperature of the current location is taken into account.
  • Integration with Liv.tv.
  • 4 huge, highly detailed levels. 2 of them are currently available, with the others held back for final release.

The Last Day Defense VR

Further information and updates can be found on the Steam Store page. For future coverage of The Last Day Defense VR and other upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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