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Underwater 8K Videos With Hydrus VR

Marine Imaging Technology announce a professional-grade VR camera for underwater filming.

One of the most challenging environments for capturing high-quality footage is underwater. Not only do you need a camera rig capable of withstanding the wet, high-pressure and variable temperatures of being underwater, but you also need the camera to be capable of capturing footage in poor lighting conditions. The Hydrus VR camera claims to offer all of these capabilities.

360-degree video is becoming one of the most popular ways for creators and audiences to become involved with virtual reality (VR) content, and the elusive beauty of the marine environment make it a compelling place to capture immersive footage.

The Hydrus VR is designed for professional filmmakers, and is capable of capture in 8K, standard 4K or stereoscopic 4K imagery, even in low light conditions. The unit consists of no less than ten cameras, eight in a horizontal circle plus two vertical cameras.

The device was developed b Marin Imagining Technology, also known as MI Tech. The Hydrus VR weights in a 74 pounds and has neutral salt water buoyancy, and is depth-rated for up to 300m, and can be connected to a metal control rod, or attached to an underwater robot.

The cameras inside the unit are Sony ultra-high sensitivity UMC-S3CA cameras, equipped with SLR magic lenses. The unit has storage capacity and battery life capable of recording for up to two hours continuously. Users can remotely monitor nine of the cameras in real-time during shooting.

The cameras in the Hydrus VR are capable of capturing video at an illumination level as low as 0.004 lux, something which is important for the many underwater areas which lack their own lighting sources.

“We are very excited to help tell interesting stories and work with our partners to create an unforgettable experience,” said MI Tech founder Evan Kovacs, “an experience that will make audiences feel inspired to cherish, save and protect — and even one day visit — these underwater environments.”

Further information on the Hydrus VR can be found on the MI Tech website. For future coverage of newly developed VR technology, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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