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Vicon Announces New Location-Based VR Solution

The Vicon Origin system will be showcased at SIGGRAPH 2018.

As location-based virtual reality (VR) attractions and centers rise in popularity, so does the demand for systems that can supply, control and monitor the VR sessions in progress. To attempt to meet this demand, Vicon has announced Origin, a location-based VR system which combines Vicon’s proven tracking system with a selection of simple tools for VR centre operators.

Vicon say that the new Origin system is designed to offer all sizes of VR centre with a high-quality reliable system along with software created specifically for the system that will meet current and future market requirements.

The Origin system includes three pieces of hardware, along with software which has been specifically designed for the system. Vicon say they have have worked closely with creators such as Dreamscape Immersive to devise system which will meet the demands of commercial VR enterprises.

“The location-based VR industry is poised to explode, but for fans and developers to really embrace it, the experience needs to be flawless,” said Dreamscape Immersive co-founder and CTO Caecilia Charbonnier. “When Vicon first approached us about working with them on Origin we demanded the highest level of precision, and Vicon did not disappoint.”

The Vicon Origina hardware means that multiple customers can appear simultaneously as characters in the VR environment, with fully-animated avatars driven by real-time tracking. Players wear ‘Pulsar’ marker clusters in order to provide more accurate tracking, and tools and props can be similarly marked to enhance immersion.

“We have decades of experience creating the most precise and robust optical motion capture systems in the world, so the expansion into LBVR was natural,” said Vicon CEO Imogen Moorhouse. “Origin has been perfected over the last few years, built upon the foundation of our proven solutions, and designed to meet the current and future needs of this exciting industry.”

Vicon will be showcasing the Origin system at SIGGRAPH 2018 at its booth, where attendees can see an interactive demo of the system created by Dreamscape Immersive. SIGGRAPH 2018 will run from 14th-16th August, further information is available on the official SIGGRAPH website. For future coverage on new location-based VR systems and content, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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