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VR Survival Adventure PROZE Announced

The shadows of the Soviet era stretch ominously into the modern day in the story of PROZE.

The echoes of the Cold War return to haunt the player of newly-announced virtual reality (VR) survival adventure, PROZE. The title has just been revealed by SignSine Studio, an independent development studio based in Ukraine.

PROZE tells a story set across two time periods, exploring both the past and present. The developers describe the story of one of friendship and duty, and of fear and dignity.

The player follows two connected stories. The first of which takes place n the 1970s, where a Soviet engineer stumbles upon the real purpose of the secret research base they work at. The second part is set in the modern day, and follows a group of friends who are trying to uncover the truth about the shady truth of the facility.

The developers at SignSine say that the plot is partially based on real events, though with a more fantastic spin suitable for a videogame. Players will be able to explore mysterious facilities dating back to the Cold War, in a nod to the modern phenomenon of urban exploration. Many secrets lie awaiting discovery in the secret facility and the surrounding forest.

The title has been specifically built with VR in mind, with the team giving thought to providing an immersive atmosphere for players, including details spatial audio and interaction mechanics which feel natural and realistic.

Much of the gameplay is said to revolve around exploration and puzzle-solving, with the development team promising puzzles that will test logic, agility and navigation skills of players.

A free prologue will be made available on 30th August. This prologue will make up most of the first chapter of the story, with players taking on the role of Anatoly, a Soviet engineer working at the secret facility in 1976.

The title will be compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and the announcement trailer is available to view below. Further information and updates can be found on the Steam Store page. As always, VRFocus will keep you informed on the latest developments in VR.

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