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Immotion At EAG 2018

VR Tech Company Immotion Launches New Ride

UK-based VR company unveils new location-based VR experience Delta Zero.

As location-based virtual reality (VR) continues to grow in popularity, and with the arrival of the Summer holidays where many parents will be searching for things for their children to do, UK-based VR tech company Immotion have launched a new space-based VR experience called Delta Zero.

The immersive space ride involves visitors boarding a virtual spacecraft that departs on a mission across the cosmos to fight alien forces and save humanity from an encroaching alien threat.

Immotion worked closely with Lunar Animation to create the experience, which combines high-quality CGI imagery with the Immotion motion platform technology yo create the immersive experience of Delta Zero.

“The combination of cutting edge graphics and precisely synched motion takes VR to a new level,” said Immotion CEO Martin Higginson, “We are confident that the production will be very well received and we believe Delta Zero will be pivotal in enhancing our reputation as the leading out-of-home VR company. We look forward to increasing our own content as we continue to build the business across the UK, Europe and USA in what is an exciting, fast growing market.”

James Rodgers, founder and creator director of Lunar Animation, said “people won’t have experienced anything like this yet in VR. We’ve been able to seamlessly combine state-of-the-art visual effects and AAA game engine technology to work harmoniously on the motion platform,” He added, “This gives the audience an incredible immersive experience that they won’t forget. Even if you’ve done VR before, this will blow your mind.”

Immotion, which is based in Manchester, UK, was recently floated on the London Stock Exchange. The company has indicated that Delta Zero will be the first of several location-based VR experiences it plans to produce, though few details on the company’s future plans are currently available.

For future coverage on new location-based VR experiences, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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