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Contagion VR Outbreak

Zombie Shooter Contagion VR: Outbreak Releases Development Roadmap

The developer of the Early Access VR shooter lays out what player can expect to be added over next few months.

The zombie apocalypse is a popular setting for videogames, perhaps because it gives players the chance to indiscriminately shoot everything in sight, while offering plenty of potential for drama, not to mention the vast amounts of gore. Developer Monochrome Inc have chosen this as the setting for co-operative multiplayer shooter Contagion VR: Outbreak.

Contagion VR: Outbreak is a first-person shooter that has been built exclusively for virtual reality (VR). The player is immersed in a world undergoing the initial stages of a zombie outbreak, forced to try and survive as the world around them is horrifyingly changed.

Players can take on the role of one of several characters to experience their stories as they try and fight through the end of the world as they know it, scavenge for resources and explore the environment in an attempt to survive.

There is a single-player mode, PvP competitive multiplayer, all of which have various weapons available for players to choose from with a co-operative multiplayer planned for later in the year.

The title is currently in Early Access, and the development team have laid out a road map so Steam users can check out what is due to be added to the title.

The road map lays out a month-by-month plan for content that the developers are planning on introducing. The plans for August include the addition of a proper tutorial, slot saving, localisation setup and various performance optimisations.

September should see more missions added to the titles, along with an expanded Free roam mode, the co-operative multiplayer mode also being added, character customisation options, new weapons and more menu options.

The currently available road map lists intended progress up until December 2018. Work on the Early Access version is planned to continue for roughly twelve months, giving the team plenty of time to add new content and optimise everything. This would put the full release date at the end of June or start of July 2019.

For further information and updates, visit the Contagion VR: Outbreak Steam store page. As usual, VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on new VR projects.

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