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ARia's Legacy

AR Escape Room ARia’s Legacy Launches Ahead of Schedule

No sign of an Android version at the moment.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 a few months ago VRFocus came across an augmented reality (AR) escape room title for mobile devices called ARia’s Legacy. Created by The Pixel Crushers, the studio had originally planned on a 2019 launch but that has been brought forward – for iOS devices at least – with the videogame available on iPads and iPhones which support ARKit.

ARia's Legacy

ARia’s Legacy, mixes both AR interaction and a story driven narrative where players find themselves part of a team of archaeologists excitedly looking for artifacts at a new archaeological site. While excavating the dirt your shovel strikes a chest that you quickly unearth. When you try to open it, you are seemingly thrown into a locked room that is at once familiar and eerily foreign to you.

The title enables players to immerse themselves in the world of ARia’s Legacy, being able to see and interact with all manner of objects as they seek to uncover the clues to their situation. ARia’s Legacy currently has three episodes available for download with at least a new one being released every month. The Pixel Crushers have previously said that ARia’s Legacy will feature 50 levels.

“With ARia’s Legacy, we created an immersive escape room experience that you can enjoy anywhere at any time,” says Galal Hassan, professor of George Brown College and The Pixel Crusher’s project manager in a statement. “Augmented reality is meant to have the player move around. Using your environment to solve puzzles is why AR was born. The most successful AR games are the ones that make you move. This is the future of gaming in AR.”

ARia's Legacy

Check out VRFocus’ early hands-on impressions of ARia’s Legacy which found the title to be a very positive experience with easy to use controls and interesting puzzles.

ARia’s Legacy is available now for a range of iOS devices. There’s still no confirmation on when Android support will happen. When that does occur, VRFocus will let you know.

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