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Capgemini Collaborates with RoomAR For AR Furniture Experience

Capgemini design agency partners with RoomAR to offer furniture retailers AR features.

The furniture industry is one of a growing number of sectors that are taking advantage of the new spatial mapping technology being incorporated into the latest generation of augmented reality (AR). Technology company Capgemini’s design agency Idean has now partnered with AI platform RoomAR to offer an AR service to the furniture industry.

RoomAR offers both retailers and manufacturers in the furniture and home furnishing industry a way to ‘bridge the gap’ between online and real-world by creating a simple user interface and a way for products to be visualised in real-world environments.

The RoomAR platform will use both AR and machine-learning technology to ensure the AR product visualisation is properly placed within the user’s environment, enabling the customer to get the bet picture of how furniture will fit in to a room environment.

“The RoomAR application turns products into a spatial experience ­in your own home. For example, customers can see a couch right in their living room instead of in a catalog using a smartphone, tablet or data glasses. This happens in real time and with an architectural quality,” Idean outlined.

RoomAR CEO and co-founder, Naimah Schute, said, “As a startup, we work in a tremendously dynamic environment, and Idean is able to flexibly discuss changes and offer advice. For us, this is an important base for an ongoing relationship. Idean is deeply involved in product development and needs to understand our working methods to reliably support us. We are beyond satisfied with the results of our partnership especially since the design quality of our products is a strong and unique selling point.”

RoomAR have indicated that the aim of the partnership is to accelerate sale and conversion rates in retail and advertising and to offer customers an enhanced experience.

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