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The Witching Tower - Screenshot

Dark Fantasy Comes To Life In New The Witching Tower Trailer

A kingdom is in ruins, the dead have risen and their queen is on the throne. Dare you challenge her?

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. For the Kingdom of Nemean invaders from another land had brought with them terror, death and destruction. Six years ago, a wave of mysterious sickness swept through the ravaged kingdom. It brought with even more death, but it also brought about something worse – undeath.

From the Nemean capital skeletal soldiers marched forth, turning imminent defeat into victory and if only they had stayed there, things may have been fine. But they did not. The undead army marched forth, spreading their pestilence as the shadow of dread descended on the world.

In The Witching Tower, a new title from Daily Magic Productions you take on the roll of Anna.  For years Anna has been hunted by the mysterious Queen of the Witching Tower, the one responsible for the wave of undeath that has swept forth from the capital. Anna has her own powers and connection to the world beyond and that sees her pitted against the Queen as her greatest threat and enemy – if only Anna knew why.

The Witching Tower is coming to Steam, the Oculus Store, and HTC Viveport on October 4th, 2018 with support given to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft Mixed Reality.

“The game offers the player a variety of experiences: solving puzzles, shooting, fighting with enemies in melee combat, and grabbing and throwing objects.” Explais Daily Magic in a statement. “Players will have an array of tools and powers to meet these challenges: from an enchanted lasso, to magic vision, and Anna’s developing control of the undead. The combat system is dynamic, smart, and has been developed with extensive player feedback.

The Witching Tower screenshot3Featured highlights include:

Enhanced combat system

Fight your enemies with a powerful blade, fend off their attacks, find out their weaknesses and inflict crushing strikes! Counter your enemies’ attacks and unleash a flurry of devastating blows! Shoot with a bow or throw books – the choice is yours! The first-person action will get your heart racing and your blood pumping!


Explore the Tower and you’ll understand the dangers that invaded the kingdom. But be careful! These dangers will prevent you from reaching the goal and escape from this scary place. Skeletons? Bats? Undead? Oh my! These creatures won’t let you catch a breath!

Unique Skills

Facing the Undead? Capture its mind and you’ll be able to make the enemy fight for you. The magical vision will help you to see what is invisible at first glance. And if you show a little ingenuity, the magical lasso will let you dominate your enemies with the environment!

The team have released a trailer for the title and you can see it below. VRFocus will bring you more details on the title as we get them.

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