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Viveport DevRev Share

Devs to get 100% Revenue From Viveport Subscription Until Year End

It’s part of Viveport’s second anniversary celebrations.

After opening up its platform and subscription service earlier this month to Oculus Rift owners, Viveport has today made the service even better for virtual reality (VR) developers by announcing a 100 percent revenue share.


From today until the end of 2018, developers who have a title in the Viveport Subscription will get all of the revenue – instead of the normal 70% (with Viveport receiving 30%). This certainly makes the prospect of making their content available via subscription far more lucrative, especially for smaller indie studios.

If you’re a VR developer keen to make use of the offer you can do so by following these Viveport proceedures:

Existing Viveport developer?

  1. Login to the Developer Console.
  2. Navigate to ‘Program Opt-ins’
  3. Check the box to opt-in to Viveport Subscription.

New Viveport developer?

  1. Sign up as a Viveport Developer via the Developer Console.
  2. Upload required files and details for your new title.
  3. Under ‘Program Opt-ins’, check the box to opt-in to Viveport Subscription.

VivePort header new

Since its introduction Viveport Subscription has expanded to 500 titles with Viveport apps also available through Amazon.

Viveport Subscription works in a number of ways. To those new to the service they can signup for a free 14-day trial, after which it costs £8.99 GBP per month. For this cost users can choose five titles per month, then at the end either keeping them for another month or swapping them out for different videogames. Those who enjoy the service but want to save more cash can signup to the subscription plans. Starting from £19.99 for 3 months, there’s also £39.99 for 6 months or £79.99 for 12 months, each still working on the 5 titles per month rotation.

Of course as VRFocus previously reported, these offers are now not only open to HTC Vive users but Oculus Rift owners as well.

Viveport launched in September 2016 with the revenue share part of its second anniversary celebrations. Should any further offers be announced, VRFocus will let you know.

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