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Dolphin Image and ARwall Partner To Augment Visual Effects

ARwall uses AR technology to create cheaper, more efficient visual effects for studios like Dolphin Image.

The techniques and technology used to create virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are starting to appear in Hollywood, either as part of efforts to create 360-degree films, or to help devise new techniques for creating visual effects. Dolphin Image, an independent film studio have partnered with ARwall, an immersive technology company to develop ARwall’s AR motion picture effects tools.

Dolphin Image recently closed a $2 million (USD) seed funding round to begin a strategic partnership in order to develop the AR tools alongside ARwall.

ARwall is a Los Angeles-based company which has developed a type of AR display that doesn’t require a headset or handheld smart device. Instead, is uses a ‘virtual window’ which allows any screen to become an AR device.

The ARwall effects system uses an LED ‘smart wall’ to generate CGI effects in real time, which lets filmmakers capture visual effects on camera, without need for green screen f extensive post-production work. Using this system reduces both time and money spent on the production.

The technology could be used to help smaller studios like Dolphin Image streamline the filmmaking process and reduce the necessary budget. This allows smaller studios to increase their scope and focus on creating deep and compelling narratives.

Dolphin Image are planning on using the ARwall process for its upcoming debut production, titled Hired Sword, Sucker Gun, which is described as a black-and-white Steampunk action film.

The founder of Dolphin Image, Delphino Huang believes that this technology will help smaller studios fill many gaps that mainstream Hollywood has left, saying: “Hollywood is trending toward remakes and adaptations due to its inherent lack of risk. But without risk, a story loses the edge that can make it memorable.”

Hired Sword, Sucker Gun is currently in pre-production, a release date is yet to be confirmed. A video showing the ARwall technology can be viewed below. For further news on new developments in AR technology, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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