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Exercise Adventure With Rave Runner on Oculus Quest

Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment reveals that VR exercise title will be heading to Oculus Quest and other 6DoF platforms.

There are a number of virtual reality (VR) apps that aim to help you become fitter and healthier, ranging from mindfulness meditation to making you burn calories. Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment is a developer that specialises in these sorts of apps, and has now announced that its upcoming rhythm-exercise title Rave Runner will be heading to the Oculus Quest.

As was revealed yesterday at Oculus Connect 5, the Oculus Quest is the new official title for what was previously known as the Santa Cruz, a stand-alone VR headset that offers inside-out tracking, 6DoF and compatibility with the Oculus Touch controllers.

Job J. Stauffer, the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment took to Twitter to show off an early look at Rave Runner, declaring that the title would be heading to Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift along with ‘All 6DoF immersive platforms’ – a list which includes the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality.

Rave Runner is being developed by Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment in partnership with the Texas-based Kinemotik Studios. Glimpses of the title have been seen at other events, where it seems to work as a ‘dance’ title, where the player reacts to audio and visual cues in a way designed to make the player move around and be as active as possible.

“Our team believes in harnessing the transformative power of mindfulness and video games, and that practicing self-care can be truly ecstatic and habit-forming, never feeling like work,” Stauffer said previously, “Virtual Reality has allowed us to ignite the flow state in a player by designing games for their sense of presence and focused attention, strengthening their motivation, creativity, and learning. We then ground these ideas in traditional self-care practices such as dance, meditation, and artistic expression, creating an entirely next level genre of truly embodied self-care entertainment.”

For future coverage of Rave Runner and more news from Oculus Connect 5, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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