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Facebook Artist Transforms Iconic Manga Into VR Sequence

Facebook Social VR artist adapts Dragonball Z manga into short VR sequence.

Anime and Manga may have waned slightly in popularity since its 90s heyday, but it is till an incredibly popular medium. Many artists have been keen on praising the Mangaka who created some of the most famous and iconic Manga. The resident artist of the Facebook Social virtual reality (VR) Team, Goro Fujita, has created his own Manga tribute by turning a famous Dragonball Z moment into a short VR sequence.

Fujita has stated his opinion that ‘VR Comics will be a thing’ on Twitter, where he posted a link to a video showing the VR sequence, which can also be viewed using Facebook Spaces, the social VR app created by Facebook.

The artistic VR interpretation was taken from a famous moment in Dragonball Z where former villain Piccolo sacrifices himself to save the boy Gohan, eldest son of series protagonist Goku. Fujita used Oculus painting and drawing tool Quill to create the VR manga, using animation effects that made it appear to be a hybrid between Anime and Manga, something which Fujita calls ‘manime’.

Fujita said on Twitter that he considers the short Vr sequences to be ‘proof of concept’ and that there are no current plans to produce any full-length VR versions of branded manga such as Dragonball Z. Fujita further confirmed that he generally prefer to create his own original content. However, he also said that using VR to create the scene was faster than any other medium he has worked with.

“Something clicked when I drew Spiderman yesterday and I wanted to spend a bit more time into a daily painting. I took a Dragonball page and did my VR interpretation for it. That key moment that made me love Piccolo! How rewarding this experiment was! I would totally read comics like this! Quill comics will become a thing!”

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