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Life In 360°: Spawning

“This is the story of a creature that is doing well.”

Hello one and all, and welcome to September.  The year continues to thunder past at a ridiculous pace so today I thought it best we slow down and ease our way into the week with an appropriately pedestrian video. Something that mixes a bit of education in as well, because why not? Always good to get a handle on something new or maybe unfamiliar – and for once on our travels we’re not going that far. Depending on where you live you may even be able to view today’s topic in your back garden.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoFor our first dip into the 360 degree video genre for the week we head over to the website of the UK newspaper The Guardian. An outlet that has appeared a number of times on VRFocus thanks to its interest in technology, including immersive tech. We’re heading though not into a world of technology, but one of nature and the sort of thing many people might come to see in their local pond.

Released earlier this year in March, The Guardian combine viewpoints above and below the water in order to chronicle the mating period for the common frog in Britain, the story of a natural species that has adapted to the changing environment around them as humanity has evolved and the number of naturally occurring ponds has reduced. It is, as the narrator puts it, not for once the story of a species on the brink. It is “the story of a creature that is doing well.”

“Every spring, ponds around the UK start stirring and frogs come out of their winter slumber to mate. Here’s a unique perspective on an event that’s been happening since the age of the dinosaurs.”

You can see the video below. VRFocus will be back on Wednesday with another item for the pot.

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