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Lone Echo screenshot

Lone Echo II Makes It’s First Appearance During Oculus Connect 5 [Updated]

You’ll have to wait until next year to play it.

One of the biggest single-player experiences to launch for Oculus Rift back in 2017 was Ready at Dawn’s rather excellent  sci-fi adventure Lone Echowhich then went on to spawn multiplayer titles Echo Arena and still in beta Echo Combat. Well it’s Oculus Connect 5 week and with the 2-day event starting today the studio has revealed the first teasing glimpse of followup Lone Echo II.

Lone Echo 2 trailer experience

Continuing the story of Jack and Liv from where Lone Echo left off, the trailer looks like it takes place on the spaceship they escaped on, with Liv trying to fix your character. Yet something is amiss, while Liv succeeds in reactivating you she wants to keep it a secret from those on board for now.

For the cinematic reveal Ready at Dawn and Oculus have released two versions of the video. The 2D version found below and a 360-degree trailer experience which can be found at: oculus.com/lone-echo for a more immersive look at what’s to come.

Other than that the studios are keeping quiet about how the storyline may evolve or what possible new features the team have in mind. One things for sure Lone Echo II looks just as good as its predecessor, if not better.

Lone Echo 2 trailer experience

Currently Lone Echo II is scheduled for a 2019 launch, with no specific quarterly window confirmed just yet.

If you happen to have missed Lone Echo then now is a good time to check it out. VRFocus gave it a full 5-star rating in its review, saying: “Ready at Dawn has created an experience that every Oculus Touch owner needs in their library, with the only negative point to the whole experience being that it ends.”

As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest Lone Echo II news.

Update: The trailer has now gone live.

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