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Make Real: The Beginning of VR

VRFocus sat down with Make Real to discuss the company and its future.

Make Real has been involved in immersive content creation for over 12 years with the team fully embracing the current trend towards virtual reality (VR) in the last four or so years. So it seemed like a good idea for VRFocus to catch up with this forward thinking company, sitting down with Robin Scott, Managing Director at Make Real to find out more about the business. 

Unlike many VR developers that tend to be indie teams solely focused on a single videogame or project, Make Real’s already well established veterans have been able to find a balance between making exciting experiences for home users as well as functional apps for enterprise, showcasing what can be achieved with the new technology.

On the corporate side of development Scott says that the team has found the whole process of bringing VR and augmented reality (AR) very interesting, commenting: ” The most challenging thing with corporate’s is, firstly, people most of the time they’re interested in VR and AR technology but they don’t really understand what it is they are buying. They don’t have that day to day hands-on view of it, that means they really [don’t] understand what flavour of it they are getting of those technologies. So really its about working with them so they really understand it first.”

To learn more about Make Real, where they’ve come from and where the company is going check out the video below.

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