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Skonec Entertainment Reveals Battle Arena: Mortal Blitz at KVRF

Two new location-based VR titles are revealed by SKonec Entertainment at the Korean Virtual Reality Festival.

South Korean developer Skonec entertainment have unveiled its two latest projects for location-based virtual reality (VR) centres. The first is a VR Arcade version of popular action rhythm title Beat Saber, while the other is a new title based on Skonec’s Mortal Blitz IP, titled Battle Arena: Mortal Blitz.

The two new titles were revealed at the Korean Virtual Reality Festival, an event which allows consumers, developers and companies to explore what is currently possible and available in the world of immersive technology.

Battle Arena: Mortal Blitz is a VR first-person shooter (FPS) which has been designed for location-based VR attractions. It is equipped to handle 2-4 person multiplayer battles, with the intention of becoming suitable for VR esports.

Mortal Blitz is a long-running franchise for Skonec Entertainment, with the first iteration, Mortal Blitz EP-1 being released back in 2015 for the Samsung Gear VR, afterwards Mortal Blitz for Walking Attraction was developed as a free-roaming shooter for theme parks and VR arcades. Mortal Blitz was then adapted into a title for the PlayStation VR in 2017.

Previous Mortal Blitz titles put the player in the role of a special agent who is trapped inside a research facility where terrifying Teratoma mutants have infested the halls and labs, and players need to familiarise themselves with an array of weapons to take out the mutants and find a way to escape.

The Beat Saber Arcade machine was developed as a partnership between Skonec entertainment and Beat Games, with gameplay modified to better suit the arcade style of location-based play. The first official K-pop song has been added to this version, Killing Me by iKon, with plans to add more famous K-pop songs in future.

Battle Arena: Mortal Blitz will be available at VR Square arcade centre from Q4 of this year. For future coverage on location-based VR centres, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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