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Sony CEO: VR Still Has Room To Improve

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida talks about the potential future of VR.

When the PlayStation VR was first released, it didn’t seem like Sony had much faith in it, resulting in minimal advertising, followed by stock shortages when demanded exceeded expectations. Now the PlayStation VR has passed three million units sold, but Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida still things there is more room to grow.

Appearing at the IFA Technology conference in Berlin, Yoshida spoke the UK newspaper The Independent about a number of issues related to videogames, technology and, of course, virtual reality (VR).

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida

Yoshida took over from previous Sony head Kaz Hirai back in April, and he spoke on a number of issues, stating his belief that the PlayStation 4 was the best gaming platform currently available, and saying that he hoped to help build on the success of the PlayStation VR.

“Virtual reality is a completely unique experience and still evolving,” he said, “VR is still in the very early stage and one potential evolution of VR is mixed reality. One of the issues with VR is that you can’t see outside, it’s a little bit dangerous – you have to sit down to use it.” The latter remark reflecting findings of airline researchers in the Netherlands recently.

Yoshida also spoke of the perennial bugbear of VR developers – simulation sickness: “Also, (there is) VR motion sickness. So there is a lot of room of room to improve in VR experiences and you will see the change and the improvement.” While strides have been made in the area in terms of software, many analysts believe that improvement in hardware may be needed to further reduce the likelihood of it occurring in users of VR.

There is a great deal of speculation currently on what Sony’s plans are regarding the future of the PlayStation brand, and when users can expect to see the PlayStation 5, accompanied by questions on if a PlayStation VR 2 is expected. Yoshida’s comments suggest that Sony is still continuing with VR development. What the result of that is remains to be seen.

PlayStation VR 2 headset

For further news on the PlayStation VR and other developments in VR, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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