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Squishies on The PlayStation VR Is More Pleasant Than You Might Think

Roly-poly alien friends are coming to PlayStation VR, and you have to help them home again.

Many children no doubt used to invent stories about their favourite toys and their whimsical adventures, inventing characters and personalities for dolls, action figures and plush toys. This is the sort of approach that developer Brainseed Factory are taking with its upcoming virtual reality (VR) platform title Squishies which is heading to the PlayStation VR.

Brainseed Factory previously worked on Typoman, a dark 2D platformer that contained some brutal and morbid themes. The developer has said on the PlayStation Blog that Squishies is an attempt to create something more positive and lighthearted.

The goal of Squishies is to help the titular critters find their way back home. The Squishies themselves are colourful blobs that vaguely resemble alien fish with stumpy little legs. They can be moved around by using the PlayStation Move controller to pull or push them into position.

In order to complete a level, the Squishies need to be moved to giant alien gates, which will giant them a route home. Power ups are available along with alien technology or alien creatures who are willing to lend a hand.

In order to give players that sense of creating their own story, Squishies comes with a level editor that lets players bring their imagination to life in order to craft colourful otherworldly environments and share them with other players.

Franziska Funken, Game Researcher at Brainseed Factory explains: “Aside from the extra adorable look of those creatures and the ingenious challenging gameplay, we wanted you to experience the huge fun we had while creating all these levels. That’s why we implemented the same tool that we used during development, so you can have the same experience that we had.”

Squishies is due for release on PlayStation VR on 20th November, 2018. A price point for the title has not yet been set. The announcement trailer is available to view below. Future coverage on
Squishies and other upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.

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