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Urbanbase Release AR Presentation Tool for Architects

AR Scale allows architects to show designs to clients in 1:1 scale by using augmented reality.

Architecture, by its very nature, is much involved in the creation of 3D spaces, so the advent of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), which can better convey the sense of 3D space has been a great boon to architects everywhere. To further cater to this market, Urbanbase has announced a 3D, cloud-based presentation tool designed for architects.

Urbanbase is a South Korean firm known mostly for its work in 3D spatial data. The company has created a new platform which can convert the floor plans of a building to a 3D, VR or AR form in just a few seconds.

Urbanbase ‘AR Scale’ service image (PRNewsfoto/Urbanbase)

According to Urbanbase, over 40 companies and brands in Korea, including LG electronics and home furnishing brand iLoom have already integrated the Urbanbase API into their platforms to provide better spatial data and home designing services.

The new app is called AR Scale, and is the third service from Urbanbase, following its VR web service and home-designing mobile app. The aim of the new app is to give architects a means to present potential designs to clients without needing to produce costly and time-consuming physical models.

Urbanbase conducted a survey of over 400 people in the architecture field, and found that creating physical mock-ups of 3D models is one of the most difficult and frustrating problems that architects face. The AR Scale app eliminates this need.

AR Scale allows architects to brief clients by building a 3D models and importing it into AR Scale. This allows clients to be shown the project without the limitations of physical space, allowing clients to get a better feel for the layout and design, and so enable them to provide better feedback.

The AR Scale website allows 3D models to be converted into AR mode, and the 3D models can be viewed in AR by scanning a QR code. AR Scale supports various CAD software outputs, including SketchUp 3D, 3D CAD and 3DS Max.

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