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VeeR Launches Web-Based VR Creation Tools

VeeR announces that its VeeR Experience online tools will allow more people to create quality VR experiences.

When creating content in virtual reality (VR), a certain level of technological expertise is often needed. Since the technology is still in a relatively early phase, much of it needs specialist software in order to create VR experiences of high quality, creating a barrier to entry. VR content platform VeeR is aiming to lower this barrier with the launch of VeeR Experience, its now web-based creation tools.

VeeR say that its new creation tools allows content creators and enthusiastic amateurs create engaging VR content by utilising a user-friendly drag-and-drop system before sharing it to the existing VeeR VR content platform.

Content created on the VeeR Experience platform is compatible with all major VR headsets, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Windows Mixed Reality.

VeeR Experience supports VR or 360-degree video in various different formats, including 3D or 2D or 180-degree and lets creators craft an interactive story by merging together VR or 360-degree video with photos, hotspots, pop-up 2D elements, spatial audio and more.

Ayden Ye, VeeR VR CEO and Co-founder. “VeeR has over 50K VR content creators and 30M users from more than 180 countries now. With the proper tools such as VeeR Experience, we can empower creators to produce more high-quality engaging VR content easily. By utilizing the VeeR’s global platform, VR content will be distributed to global audience from 180+ countries and regions. VeeR is going to continue developing more advanced features that cater to the needs of VR content creators.”

The VeeR Experience tools are available for free and doesn’t use advertising. The company has stated its belief that the VR landscape has much in the way of static, passive content, but that VR needs to produce more quality, interactive content if it is to grow into a thriving ecosystem.

Further information on VeeR and VeeR Experience can be found on the company website. Further news on new and upcoming VR projects can be found on VRFocus.

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