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VR Driving Simulator T3R Will Be Showcased at Tokyo Game Showcase

Silicon Studio are using its custom YEBIS middleware to make a VR simulator based on Assetto Corsa.

Though not as massive as similar events such as E3 or Gamescom, the Tokyo Game Show is a respected event, which often features some developments, hardware and videogames born from China, Japan and the rest of East Asia. Middleware technology and videeogame developer Silicon Studio have announced that it will be attending the event and bringing along its virtual reality (VR) driving simulation, known as T3R.

At the Silicon Studio booth demos will be available of T3R, which has been described as a hyper-realistic driving simulation which has been utilised by professional drivers.

The T3R VR driving simulator uses a racing chair in combination with a realistic dashboard and wheel layout, along with 360-degree spatial images and 4-axis motion technology that can recreate driving conditions.

To create this sense of realism, popular racing simulator videogame Assetto Corsa is used as the basis. Assetto Corsa was released by Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni Brand and has become one of the most popular and well-regarded driving sims available on PC. Silicon Studio have melded Assetto Corsa’s highly praised gameplay with its custom-developed optical post-effect middleware, YEBIS in order to create T3R.

Silicon Studio will be showing the T3R demonstration along with a demonstration of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, which will feature implementation of the real-time global illumination system ‘Enlighten’. Both of these will be available at the Tokyo Game Show during the business days 20th-21st September, which is restricted to press and those working in the game industry.

Attendees wishing to try the available demos will be accepted in order of arrival. In the case of high demand, numbered tickets may be issued. There will also be a demonstration corner, where staff will be explaining the functions and implementations of YEBIS and Enlighten middleware.

For further coverage of VR at the Tokyo Game Show will be here on VRFocus.

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