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YouTube VR Comes to Oculus Go

More VR video comes to Oculus Go as users get access to over 800 VR and 360-degree videos with YouTube VR.

Though the newly announced Oculus Quest might be grabbing all the headlines at the Oculus Connect 5 conference, the Oculus Go has not been left out. Oculus and Facebook staff were keen to advertise the Oculus Go as one of the most affordable ways to get involved in virtual reality (VR). One of the ways that many Oculus Go users choose to experience VR content is by watching films and TV through the headset, and now a new avenue for finding great content has opened up with the announcement that YouTube VR is coming to Oculus Go.

As Oculus Connect 5 it was revealed that 80% of Oculus Go owners were new to the Oculus ecosystem, meaning that they did not previously own a Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift. Many were entirely new to VR. Oculus personnel were excited about how the device allowed VR to come to a new audience.

While previously Oculus Go users could watch a variety of content from Oculus TV or apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Pluto TV, one of the biggest repositories of videos on the internet is YouTube. As such, Oculus Go owners will be interested to learn that YouTube VR will be coming to the headset, providing Oculus Go users will access to over 800 VR videos covering a wide variety of subjects.

Using YouTube VR, Oculus Go users can set themselves up in a virtual movie theatre or comfy living room to take in various VR videos, including nature documentaries and 360-degree concert videos.

Oculus have been keen to promote the Oculus Go as a way to take in live events as well, introducing Oculus Venues for this purpose earlier this year. Oculus Venues lets Oculus Go users take in live events such as concerts or sporting events from the best seat in the house and Oculus have promised there will be more top-quality content coming to Oculus Venues over the Autumn.

For further news from Oculus Connect 5, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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