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Aerospace Company PACE Joined Microsoft Mixed Reality Program

PACE and parent company TXT join Microsoft Mixed Reality Program to create new tools for Aerospace industry.

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Program has been running for some time, with the aim of identifying companies who are involved in the creation of mixed reality (MR) hardware and software with the aim of providing Microsoft development tools, programs and services for promising companies. One of the latest to join the company is aerospace company PACE.

PACE has announced that its parent company TXT E-Solutions is participating in Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP), with the aim of advancing the adoption of MR technology, and the Microsoft HoloLens.

TXT E-Solutions wishes to use the capabilities and technology offered by the MRPP to extend the capabilities of its existing products as well as to develop new software and services. The area of most interest to the company is the configuration of aircraft and passenger cabins, with the company hoping to develop systems to help airline buyers explore the available options.

Another area of interest to PACE and TXT is education and training using MR for pilots, cabin crews and technicians, with the aim of creating environments for engagement and knowledge retention.

“We’ve been implementing virtual and augmented reality capabilities in our training and simulation software for a long time, but the availability of mixed reality devices such as Microsoft HoloLens that are completely untethered and display holograms in your field of view, opens up a whole new world of industrial applications for us to explore,” stated Michele Sesana, mixed reality and digital innovation manager at TXT. “We are privileged to embark on this journey with the support of the Microsoft engineering team, sharing in their know-how and pioneering spirit.”

“TXT’s approach of extending their existing solutions and creating targeted solutions will help aerospace and aviation customers fast-track their journey to industry 4.0 while also driving meaningful cost savings and operational efficiencies,” added Leila Martine, product marketing director, commercial mixed reality at Microsoft.


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