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AR Headset MagiMask Passes Kickstarter Mark In A Day

The $99 smartphone-based HMD has already pulled in enough base numbers.

Two days ago on VRFocus, we brought you news from Kickstarter of a new campaign for pre-orders started up by Ludenso, a company founded by Eirik Wahlstrøm and Harald Manheim in Oslo, Norway. They are the creators behind MagiMask, an augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) which is an evolution of the HMD done by the same team. Something Wahlstrøm noted in a statement at the time:

MagiMask GIF“We have successfully launched three predecessors to MagiMask, and can’t wait to get this new headset out to tech enthusiasts, developers, and anyone else who loves AR as much as we do. Having spent almost two years developing MagiMask and its tracking system, we are now at the manufacturing stage and to ensure an on-time delivery we using our previous manufacturing partners. The money you put into the campaign goes directly toward creating the MagiMask you ordered. We have done all the developmental and technological hard work and are now just getting ready to manufacture.”

Well, that dedication looks set to pay off as the MagiMask and its tracking system, which is priced at a relatively low $99 (USD) has managed to surpass its funding goal on Kickstarter in a single day. Originally requiring 200,000kr (NOK) – the equivalent of £18,610 (GBP) – as of the time of writing it had surpassed 220,000kr or £18,500.

“Augmented reality reveals a new world of possibilities and now is the time to join – creating the standards of our new reality. With MagiMask and MagiTools we are giving you the starting point to unleash your creativity and participate in a passionate community.” Says the company on their campaign page. “By using this platform, you can be sure that there will be people using your creations in AR, and that we together can shape the future of digital interactions.”

MagiMask GIFThe company has already expressed an interest in righting some wrongs in the AR market with existing hardware with their smartphone-based system. While the use of a smartphone as part of the setup might concern some, it seems there will definitely be another headset on the way to users.

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