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Insomniac Games Speaks About Plans for Stormland

Chad Dezern, Chief Creative Officer of Insomniac Games speaks about the inspiration behind Stormland.

Insomniac Games has become something of a leading name in the creation of virtual reality (VR) videogames. As the company is responsible for popular multiplayer VR title The Unspoken. As a result, its upcoming VR title, Stormland, is highly anticipated among VR fans.

At the Oculus Connect 5 conference, Nina of VRFocus caught up with Chad Dezern, Chief Creative Officer of Insomniac Games, who spoke about how his company is working alongside Oculus to create Stormland.


“This year at OC5 we’re showcasing Stormland, our latest VR game, which is all about experience the freedom of exploring the open world in VR” Dezern explained, laying out the basis of its upcoming VR title.

Asked about what lessons the development team are bringing from previous VR projects to Stormland, Dezern said: “It’s been a process of learning what works well with movement mechanics in VR and building each game to include more of that. We started out with 3rd-person games, which was a nice segway from our console experience. We ended up with The Unspoken, which used a teleport mechanic, so we weren’t so focussed on the movement. But finally we’re working with an open-world structure in Stormland, so there’s a host of movement mechanics.”

Speaking about the source of inspiration of Stormland, Dezern said: “Everything for us in Stormland is about creating a pervasive sense of wonder. So we created this world that just begs to be discovered, there’s something beautiful to find atop every rock you can climb.”

Explaining the story and objective of Stormland, Dezern said: “You play as an android gardener and you’re the caretaker of a lush alien planet. A malevolent alien force destroys your word and smashes your android body. So you have to journey to this mysterious civilisation above the thunderheads to repair your body and save your friends.”


The full video interview can be viewed below. For further coverage of Stormland and other upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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