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Laduma Uses VR To Demonstrate Uses of Essential Oils

Laduma uses VR and 360-degree video to demonstrate uses of doTERRA Essential oils.

Though essential oils have been used for centuries, with many health benefits being attributed to their use, the chemical mechanism by which these oils work is poorly understood by most people. Virtual reality (VR) consultancy Laduma have created a VR experience that shows exactly how essential oils work on the body.

Laduma has produced a 360-degree film which was created for the doTERRA Convention in Utah, an event organised by doTERRA, a company involved in the sourcing, testing, manufacture and distribution of essential oils.

The video used a combination of 360-degree live footage with CGI to explain how doTERRA uses scientific methods to test essential oils and show how the can benefit the body. The video aims to show how the essential oils cause biological changes.

The 90-second film was designed for Laduma CaVRn VR Dome, and was shown to thousands of visitors to the doTERRA Convention during the event at the Salt Palace Convention Centre in Salt Lake City.

Ben Smith, CEO of Laduma, said: “It was fantastic to be in Utah not only to see the culmination of all the hard work that has gone into this project but to get a sense of just how popular CaVRn was among the delegates at the doTERRA convention. As a company we live to surprise and delight our clients and deliver an experience that helps them stand out to their audience. Having spoken to some of the senior team at doTERRA, I think we can safely say we did just that. And that gives us a huge amount of satisfaction as a company.”

The Laduma CaVRn is a 360-degree dome that projects floor-to-ceiling VR content. Laduma and doTERRA believe this offered the best way to present an engaging view of the science behind essential oils.

doTERRA health and exercise scientist, Dr. Damian Rodriguez, said: “With the help of Laduma’s unique technology and video production expertise, we were able to provide our Wellness Advocates with a stunning visual experience elucidating how doTERRA is utilizing cutting-edge research methods to map out the biological pathway of essential oils.”

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