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Life In 360°: Hiding The Heavens

CNN head to Utah as it moves to protect views of the stars.

In a modern world there are lights galore allowing humanity to ‘operate’, as it were, far beyond the time the sun has set.  But in our quest to experience the wonders of the evening have we lost perhaps the greatest sight the night can behold?

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoIf you’re in a city you’re not likely to see much if you look up into the sky at night. You might pick out the odd star here and there, but you’re more likely to see Venus or even the International Space Station as well as the occasional aeroplane, naturally enough.

Anyone who has spent any time at night in the countryside will be able to tell you that with the removal of what is termed ‘light pollution’ to have the true night sky revealed to you is a sight truly to see. Yet even in the country you will suffer somewhat from that light being given off from the houses, streetlamps and other buildings in the vague vicinity to where you are.

In The Endangered Starry Sky, a video from back in July this year, the team from CNN look into one location that is actively trying to keep the stars in the sky. As the team explain below:

As the glow of light pollution from cities and towns endangers our view of the night sky, gaze up at the stars from Zion National Park in southern Utah. The park is taking steps to become an official “Dark Sky Place” in hopes of preserving its nocturnal vistas.”

Check out that video here and come back to VRFocus in a couple of days’ time when we’ll have some yet another example of how broadcasters and individuals are using 360 degree video to show a new look at the world around them. Until then be sure to check out all the latest news and features elsewhere on the site.

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