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Life In 360°: Milking A Stone

We rewind once more to 2015 for this Björk music video.

Ever since EVE Online makers CCP Games made the decision to put a stop to their virtual reality (VR) developments and experiments we’ve not exactly had a lot of cause to talk about what’s going on in Iceland. It used to be an annual stop for us, what with the Reykjavík-based firm’s EVE Fanfest but alas, now those hot pools will have to bubble away by themselves.

Iceland is of course known for one performer specifically: Björk. The singer-songwriter has featured numerous times on VRFocus in the past as VR has proven to have been an attractive prospect for Björk’s unique brand of creativity.

Speaking back in 2016 on her Björk Digital exhibition she said “I feel the chronological narrative of the album is ideal for the private circus virtual reality is: a theatre able to capture the emotional landscape of it.” Before wishing all her followers “fertility”, then I assume she just disappeared in a cloud of smoke, flowers and the tears of a giraffe or something similarly Björk in style.

The point is, of all her dalliances with VR we’ve never actually featured what I assume to be the earliest. We discussed the album Vulnicura back in 2016, but the publication of the 360 degree music video for Stonemilker which was made in conjunction with vrse.works trumps that by about a year.

Shot on location in Iceland (what a shocker) multiple lemon and lime Björks sing about the need to be open and communicative.

We have emotional needs, oh needs, oh needs, oh ooh.
I wish to synchronize our feelings, our feelings, ooh.
Oh, show some emotional respect, oh respect, oh ooh.

You can check out the video below.

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