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Mars - Olympus Mons

Life In 360°: Volcanoes From Another World

Eruptions from beyond the Earth itself

Just the other day on Li360 I was discussing the night sky and how amazing the sight of it is, and how one location was trying to fight the danger of losing it to light pollution. Of course, there is a couple of guaranteed ways to get a good look at that which exists above us all, but that requires either a rather large telescope or a lot training, a lot of money and a very big rocket.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoBut it is indeed to space we go again for today’s edition of Life In 360°, this time thanks to a relatively recent video from the American Museum of Natural History. That might seem a little odd but as you will see there’s much to discuss as we take a trip through the solar system to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars to check out space volcanoes. (Which as topics go sounds pretty awesome.)

I’ll let them fill you in on the specifics.

“Here on Earth, volcanic eruptions are dramatic manifestations of our dynamic planet. Elsewhere in our solar system, awe-inspiring extra-terrestrial volcanoes—both active and extinct—provide clues to planetary formation and hints of how life may have formed. Join us for a 360° virtual expedition to Mars’s massive shield volcano Olympus Mons, the violent surface of Jupiter’s moon Io, and the icy jets of Saturn’s moon Enceladus.”

Join us again soon for more examples of how 360 degree video is being used on another edition of Life In 360°.



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