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Puzzle Platformer Squishies Available to Pre-order for PlayStation VR

There’s less than a month to go until launch.

Indie developer Brainseed Factory is well-known for its award-winning puzzler Typoman. Being the dark and morbid 2D platformer that it was the studio decided on a different direction for its next title, venturing into virtual reality (VR) to create Squishies. Alongside a new trailer Brainseed Factory has announced the launch of pre-orders, enabling gamers to save 20 percent off the regular price.

Squishies is a fun, colourful and carefree experience with the aim of the game being to help squishies get home by manoeuvering them around a series of ever more complex and hazardous levels. This is achieved by way of the PlayStation Move controllers which are represented in the videogame as transdimensional Alien Fish friends. These are then used to push and pull the squishies about.

There are 100 levels across five worlds to complete in the main campaign mode, and when things get tough you can always use power-ups, alien technology and helpful creatures to get by. Once those have been completed Squishies also includes a Creative Mode with a Level Editor for you to build your own levels and then share with friends – Brainseed Factory created all the campaign levels using the same editor.

“Squishies is a magical place, with colourful plant life, funny creatures and engaging puzzles,” says Art Director Arton Rexhëbogaj. “You can easily lose track of time.”

Squishies will launch on PlayStation Stores worldwide on 20th November. Via the US PlayStation Store, the videogame is $19.99 USD instead of $24.99 when you pre-order, while the EU PlayStation Store has the title listed for £19.99 GBP with PS Plus Members getting it for £15.99.

“It feels great to finally see the store page go live, though our Squishies journey is far from ended,” says Brainseed Factory Founder and Producer Bilal Chbib in a statement. “It’s the kind of game that starts as a small sprouting seed, then – with the help of a vibrant community and new content that we aim to release on a regular basis – will grow into a giant sequoia!”

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